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Shell Island Review

Shell Island is over 450 acres with 350 available for camping, this makes it the largest campsite in Europe.

We visit the island a lot so thought it was time for a review of this spectacular campsite.

From the time of arriving you’ll be amazed at the size of this place, the drive down the causeway approaching the island is spectacular and theres tents as far as the eye can see. If your unlucky enough to be approaching the island when the tide is in you may well spend a couple of hours stuck there as the tide covers the causeway and blocks access on and off the Island. We advise checking tide times on their website before planning your journey.

Once your at Shell Island the first thing to do is head for the reception where you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff, if your there at height season ( Kids summer Holidays ) you will probably have to wait in line but the line goes down very fast and it’s a good excuse to stretch your legs after a long drive. If you booked online you can bypass this and go straight to the front of the line as they have a section for people that take advantage of their booking system. When you check in you’ll be given a car pass for each car and a wrist band for each member of your party.

Now the fun begins and you can have a drive round the island looking for the best place to camp, theres 350 acres to choose from including the main fields, by the amazing sand dunes, right on the edge of the beach which spreads the entire length of the island and beyond or in some of the more secluded areas amongst the trees ( good for sheltering from the wind ).

Once your all set up it’s time to start exploring the site !!!

There are 3 main beaches, one down by the Harbor which has rocks and a few sandy areas, this is where you will see the dolphins if your lucky enough. There’s then the beach in the center which is fantastic for crabbing with loads of rock pools, then theres the main sandy beach which stretches for miles.

After exploring the beaches it’s time to see the main area which is the hub of the site, theres a well stocked supermarket which has everything from daily newspapers, BBQ food, Drinks and everything else you would need for your days on the site. Across from that there is a gift shop where you can purchase presents for friends or yourself, and next to that is a shop that sells everything you will need on your stay like BBQ’s, Fire Buckets, wood, coal, fishing gear, branded cloths, tents, tent pegs etc etc etc. There’s also a laundrette hidden away in the corner in-case the missis is missing doing the washing !!!

Next to the Supermarket there is a kids park which borders the benched area from the Tavern so us adults can sit and have a few drinks,  the kids can run around on the park or in and out of the games room and if they get hungry they can go into the cafe and get some food, all within 100 yards of you,

On site theres 1 main shower block, in high season you will have to wait in line for your turn however this isn’t a massive task as the lines go down fast and theres always someone to chat to. The owners would love to build more but it’s not possible due to it being a “Place of Natural Beauty”. Toilets are positioned within a short walk of every field, for years these have been porter loos but they are slowly being replaced with more permanent structures.

The Tavern Bar sells a wide range of drinks for consumption on and off so you can get a few beers for the nighttime round the camp fire, theres also entertainment mid week in the peak season.

All in all Shell Island offers everything you would need for a fantastic camping holiday, all in 1 location at fantastic prices, that’s why generations of the same family’s go back year after year after year.

You can view the Shell Island listing on Campsites in wales, Visit the Shell Island Website or email them direct. If you would like to book online Visit the Website.

Have you stayed at Shell Island?, we would love to hear your views on it.



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