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Camping in Neath

Neath is a town and community situated in the principal area of Neath Port Talbot, Wales. It is located on the river of the same name.

Historically, Neath was the crossing place of the River Neath and has existed as a settlement since at least Roman times, following the Roman invasion of what was to become the Roman province of Britannia Superior after the 1st century AD. The Antonine Itinerary (c. 2nd century) names only nine places in Roman Wales, one of them being Neath.

There is evidence of undated prehistoric settlements on the hills surrounding the town, which were probably Celtic. Human remains were discovered 25 miles away at Paviland Cave on the Gower peninsula dated 24,000 BC proving that humans lived in the region during the last Ice Age. Once known as the "Red Lady of Paviland", the remains are those of a man.

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