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/// Campsites in Nefyn

Camping in Nefyn

Nefyn is a small town and community on the north west coast of the Ll?n Peninsula in Gwynedd, Wales. Nefyn is a relatively commercialised holiday destination particularly for families because of its sandy beaches.

The history of the area can be traced back to 300BC with the Iron Age hillfort of Garn Boduan overlooking Nefyn. The remains of 170 round stone huts and ramparts are still visible on top of the 917 feet (280 m) hill.

The earliest known reference to Nefyn in documents dates from the latter part of the 11th Century, where it is mentioned as a landing place of the Welsh prince, Gruffydd ap Cynan.

The sea was always an important part of the economy of Nefyn and fishing, particularly for herring, became the prime trade for most of the 18th and 19th centuries: so much so that the town's coat-of-arms bears three herrings.

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