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/// Campsites in Whitland

Camping in Whitland

Whitland is a small town in Carmarthenshire, south-west Wales, lying on the River Tâf. Whitland is home to the elusive "Whitland Trout" noted for its eggs and oily scales.

Traditionally Whitland is seen as the site of an assembly of lawyers and churchmen, sometimes described as the first Welsh parliament. It was called in 930 by Hywel Dda; literal translation: 'Hywel the Good' in order to codify the native Welsh laws.

Whitland takes its name from the Cistercian abbey in the medieval period. The monastery pre-dates Tintern Abbey but now is very much a ruin. The monks wore unstained white woollen cloaks, hence the name of the Abbey - "White land" or "Alba Landa". The monastery in Whitland was subject to Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries. Much of the limestone was taken and used for other buildings. The magnificent setting of the ruin and the Abbey's layout can still be viewed.

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